Andre Delambre is the titular character in the 1958 film The Fly.


Andre was a canadian scientist and the husband to Helene, brother to Francois and father to Phillippe. He was a war veteran, and it is he who in his lab that he discovered the teleportation process. Using his system, called the Disintegrator-Integrator, he could send anything and anyone thru space, atom by atom. He made several experiments to iron out the process, first with inanimate objects, the initial results of these was that any writing on it was illegible and backwards. When it was time for living animals, it resulted in the loss of the family cat Dandelo. The 2nd animal teleported was a guinea pig, all unscathed. Finally, Andre decides it's time for him to teleport a human, and the subject he chose was himself. He does 2 tests, the 1st was successful, but the same could not be said for the 2nd. A tiny housefly somehow got inside and the machine mixed their atoms, their heads and arms. He still retains his mind, but his will is being overtaken by the fly. Helene, a witness to most of Andre's experiments is worried that her husband hasn't left his lab for several days. Before letting her in, he covers his head with a cloth sack and puts the fly-arm in his pocket. Along with his head, he loses the ability to talk, so he communicates with notes and sign language. Unknow to him, Philippe caught the fly with his missing atoms but she told him to let it go. When Helene tells Andre what happened, he reveals his arm to the horrified woman. A search for the tainted insect almost got it, but the bug escaped. Helene suggests that Andre teleports himself once again in the hopes that he can be restored. When he does, she takes the sack off and she screams and faints at his fly head. With whatever sense he had left, he destroys the Disintegrator-Integrator, his notes and heads for the family factory. He gives his wife one last request: Help him crush his fly features with one of the hydraulic presses. He sets the machine and struggling where he is, almost taking Helene with him, Andre's head is crushed, leaving Helene to crush his arm. As Francois' friend, Inspector Charas does a lenghty investigation, including listening to the story, he deems her insane and orders her taken away. As Francois talk to Philippe, the little boy tells him that he saw the fly. The two of them lead Charas to a large, hungry brown spider's web, and there at the very centre was the Fly with Andre's head and arm. Screaming distress calls, Charas picks up a stone and crushes the insects, letting the fly rest at last. The 2 men were now part of a story that would deem them fit for an asylum. Francois notes that Andre was deranged, he and Helene were only trying to stop him, Francois could've forgotten to reset the press to account for the stroke count and they deem it a suicide. Thought Francois, Helene and Philippe would resume their normal lives, they would never forget Andre, nor the fly.

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