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Telepods are a major plot device in the Fly series.

The Fly (1958)Edit

Telepods in the 1958 film are not referred to as such, but perform the same a similar function. Called a "disintegrator-integrator", they initially disintegrate something, then "reintegrate" it in another place. They are quite primitive-looking, considering their function. If two or more living things' disintegrated particles mix together during the process, the results can be horrifying.

The Fly (1986)Edit


Seth Brundle waits in the Telepod

Telepods get their name from the 1986 film, where they act as literal teleportation devices, as opposed to "disintegrator-integrators". Through a technical error, however, they may cause a similar issue as their predecessors, but more disturbing in the fact that the two creatures are literally fused together, as opposed to having a few pieces swapped.


Fly vs. FlyEdit

Thesimpsons fly

Lisa finds out what happened

Telepods also appear in the The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror segment, Fly vs. Fly. They bear a resemblance to their 1986 counterparts, but seem to work more similarly to the "disintegrator-integrator" devices. The main difference from both is that if a human and fly enter at once, both the heads and minds are exchanged.

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